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MP scroll web transparent"Some people call them mystical mirrors..."

It was a woman I met in my mid-twenties who pointed out to me that I’m a fablewriter. I shirked a bit, because (yes) fables fall into that category of ‘short story.’ -Not my fave.

But the truth is, I love the whole idea of fables. The settings of my fables become alive to me; I can take in the scents all around as I open my eyes within those paragraphs. My studio, as I continue to create it, is fashioned with rustic wood and chunks of stone, feathered writing nubs and thick ink that runs like dragon blood across parchment. It is one of my great life-goals to write a whole village of fables, penning the tales of each and every member of that imaginary community: the cobbler, the lamplighter, the shopkeep, the village outcast, the horse and horseman, the miser, the forest children, the woodland nymph, the healer, the farmer, the midwife, the caged pigeon, the thatcher, the thief. Happily, I have written quite a few. They’ve gotten better and better, I think, over the years... and these stories do in fact weave themselves rather mystically. Writing them becomes an experience and a journey: I adore it. I am so glad my friend many years ago helped me embrace this facet of myself.

MP drawing patrich webIn my twenties and early thirties, I stylized my talents as fablewriter much like a portrait artist. Clients commissioned me to ‘write their portrait’ through fable. That mystical process? ...It became exponential! After a short interview with my client, I would find myself awakened to a fresh story. Sub-themes would swirl through my head, like the strands of a spider web, and interconnect. Often, I would wonder how risky a particular storyline was becoming, with its particular emotional implications or exploration of dramatic life changes for the main character. But the end-result would be a work of art, and more often than not, the clients would be in awe. Some of them, unsure at first, would contact me a year or two later, reporting that the story had in fact played out over time... occasionally despite their own trepidation and resistance.

Some of my clients’ comments are below. Indeed, connecting through the written word... it’s incredible.

I also illustrate some of the stories.  -Another layer to enjoy, savor and grow from.

It is my intention that someday soon, I'll once again invite commissioned fable portrait work.  In the meantime, I welcome you to subscribe to my newsletter for updates about the publication of several of my original Fables.  Downloads will be available SOON, with new stories published nearly every month!  This will be a wonderful way to indulge in a fresh, thought-provoking story every few weeks:  I promise, you'll enjoy the organic, lyrical, authentic connections.






"The fable told my life story in a very beautiful way that was easy to understand and grow from.  'Enchanting'  sounds a little weird, but that's how it felt.  It was mystical." 
-Mason, Atlanta

"A piece on self-worth, that directed me more positively on a daily basis...  Emotions were awakened, negative parts of my life were acknowledged,relationships I desire and need were revealed.  The story pointed me to a different path of Hope."
-Phyllis, Atlanta

"My life was captured perfectly and simply through this fable, capable of moving through the layers and straight to my heart.  Not only what had come before but also of where I am going, who I am becoming.  How Marianne knew all of this I will never know!  But each time I read it,more is revealed and more understood.  I know I am in grace."  -Chana, New Jersey




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